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Silvercillin Designs for Health

Silvercillin - Designs for Health

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Silvercillin™ Liquid is a formula composed of pure silver complexed with purified water.  It helps the body maintain a healthy barrier against the intrusion of unwanted organisms. Unlike prescription antibiotics, Silvercillin™ targets specific organisms while sparing the body’s beneficial bacteria. 

Silver in particular, Silvercillin™, has been shown to provide a whole host of health benefits, from killing drug-resistant bacterial strains to inhibiting viral replication as well as stimulating stem cell production. It can be safely used both orally, topically and vaginally with no known side effects. It utilizes a technological breakthrough allowing for the production of a silver particle small enough to enter a single red blood cell, enabling the silver to travel through capillaries, the tiniest blood vessels in the body, and inactivate viruses at the cellular level.

Silvercillin™ technology has the ability to inactivate viruses at the DNA/RNA level. Incomplete segments of DNA/RNA are found in viruses and carry a slight magnetic charge. The silver in Silvercillin™ acts like a magnet, attracting these charged particles and binding the DNA so tightly that it inactivates the virus and prevents virus replication. This same mechanism of action does not take place with healthy cells, as their thicker, more protected cell membranes carry a balanced charge, which protects them from the silver’s magnetic attraction. Colloidal silver does not have this ability.